Roc City 2.0 Planning Workshop

Hey Improvers,

The Emerging Rochester Architects and BadFish Consulting are hosting a Roc City 2.0 Tactical Urbanism planning workshop for 2014 on:

Sunday December 15th at 2pm
at 274 North Goodman Street (Village Gate)
Suite 273B

We’ve just done a lot of thinking about this ourselves, and it would be great to join forces with these other committed groups to get some stuff done!

If you plan on attending please RSVP to Ben Deuel (

The agenda looks like this:

  • UPDATES from each group on what’s exciting and could use partners.
    (2 to 2:30pm – food & drinks)
  • IDEA SLAM / charrette. We’ll brainstorm the many things that Roc City 2.0 could do this year – there’s a starter list below & we’d love to hear your ideas in advance
    (2:30 to 3:30)
  • SHORT LIST. We’ll check the list of ideas against real constraints like time, $$, impact and develop a starter list of projects to focus on
    (3:30 to 4)
  • WORK SESSION. The most important thing for a lot of these ideas will be to just get started. So, we’ll separate into groups, according to whichever idea you’re most passionate about, and get to work on real, doable items for launching them.
    (4 to 5:30)
  • WRAP UP. We’ll reconvene over the last batch of food & drinks to get clear on what the next steps are, whether & how to market, fundraise, draw in additional parties, etc.
    (5:30 til ?)

Sorry for the short notice, but we hope you can join us!


TOPIC: People Urban Renewal
Great local minds working together to move this city forward.